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Over 20 Years Producing Experience of Precision Machined Plastic Parts

Our products include but are not limited to the following:

Bearings and Bushings

Machined plastic bearings and bushings are widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment. They offer low friction, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, and excellent wear properties.

Gears and Sprockets

Machined plastic gears and sprockets find applications in industries such as robotics, automotive, and machinery. They provide lightweight, quiet operation, and are often preferred in environments where metal gears may cause noise or require lubrication.

Seals and Gaskets

Machined plastic seals and gaskets are used in industries like automotive, aerospace, and fluid handling. They offer reliable sealing properties, chemical resistance, and durability in various operating conditions.

Structural Components

Machined plastic parts are utilized as structural components in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and machinery. They provide lightweight alternatives to metal, reduce vibration, and can be engineered to meet specific strength and stiffness requirements.

Key Advantages of Custom Machined Plastic Parts:

  • Significant Cost Savings: By opting for custom machined plastic parts, you unlock substantial cost savings in your production and assembly processes. Our precisely engineered parts eliminate the need for costly modifications or adaptations, streamlining your operations and reducing overall expenses.


  • Reduced Costs for Parts and Materials: With our tailored approach, you can say goodbye to excess waste and unnecessary material expenses. Our experts will guide you in selecting the optimal plastic materials, ensuring you only pay for what’s essential for your project, further enhancing cost-efficiency.


  • Optimum Functionality: Precision machined plastic parts offer superior functionality, tailored to your specific requirements. With our advanced machining capabilities and attention to detail, we guarantee components that seamlessly integrate into your systems, delivering optimal performance and reliability.


  • Custom Parts Annealed for Maximum Durability and Strength: At National Plastics and Seals, we go the extra mile to ensure the longevity and strength of your custom parts. Through our annealing process, we enhance the durability of plastic components, enabling them to withstand demanding operating conditions, reducing the risk of premature wear or failure.

Exploring Diverse Applications for Precision Machined Plastic Parts

Discover the wide-ranging applications of precision machined plastic parts across industries such as aerospace, healthcare, telecommunications, and more. Benefit from lightweight designs, antimicrobial properties, and enhanced performance in various sectors.

  • Aerospace/Military: The aerospace and military sectors prioritize weight reduction for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Machined plastic parts, known for their lightweight properties, have gained popularity as alternatives to traditional metals in this industry.
  • Semiconductors/Electronics: In the semiconductor and electronics sectors, plastic machined parts find applications in wafer handling, wet process components, CMP rings, etch and CVS chamber applications, and more, contributing to the efficient functioning of these industries.
  • Healthcare/Medical: With the increasing importance of maintaining low infection rates in healthcare facilities dependent on government funding, specialty plastics integrated with antimicrobial additives are being used in a range of medical devices, ensuring safety and hygiene.
  • Telecommunications: Specialty plastic materials play a crucial role in helping telecommunications companies maintain their competitiveness. These materials offer features such as static-dissipative properties for protecting sensitive circuitry, rapid production, high resistance to corrosion and heat, and more.
  • Agriculture: Specialty plastics play a significant role in the agriculture sector, with approximately 1 billion pounds of plastics being used annually. These plastics find applications in greenhouse covers, wear pads, sheaves, pipes, tubing, gears, films for mulch covering, and more.
  • Waste Treatment: Plastic machined parts are extensively utilized in wastewater and water treatment components. These parts include sprockets, wear pads, bushings, seals, saddles, rollers, drainage units, valves, catch basins, connectors, and more, contributing to efficient waste treatment processes.
  • Oil & Gas: The oil and gas industry benefits from the use of plastic machined parts due to their ability to withstand high pressure, heavy loads, abrasive chemicals, and extreme temperatures encountered in this demanding sector.
  • Food & Beverage: Precision machined plastic parts find various applications in the food and beverage industry. Augers, hoppers, sprockets, rollers, and chute liners made from plastic parts reduce the need for food-grade lubricants, improve hygiene, shorten certification time, and enhance the shelf life of consumable products.


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